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mud of the day

  • MaDDness Mud ( port 6000)
    Welcome to the Realms of MaDDness MaDDness Mud Is Back Up and Running. Come and join us New and unique areas with a few revamped stock areas. We have extended races. We have new and extended class slections. There is New quest system as well as immortal run quest. We offer a laid back mud enviroment New code and areas are continually being added. We are over 10,000 rooms and growing. We have a growing clan system join in and rival against enemy forces. The fun continues to grow here in the Crazy and Insane world of MaDDness. port 6000

talker of the day

  • Enchantment Under the Sea ( port 2000)
    Imagine diving into an underwater world, one full of magical places to explore. Imagine meeting and interacting with thousands of people from around the world. Imagine dozens of games, hundreds of commands, and fun events and activities you can enjoy with other users. Imagination is not necessary, for this is reality. Won't you please give us a try?

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